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People Profile: Richard McGlave CEO

Published on September 11, 2018

We strongly believe in what we do, and we want to share our unique team of experts behind C2’s success. We sat down with our founder and CEO Richard 'Richie' McGlave, to find out about his business background and pick his brain about future trends.


What is your background in business continuity?

Richie: Once upon a time (20+ years ago) I was an operational risk manager, who inherited BC as an additional burden. Once I was immersed in the subject I found it extremely interesting and saw the potential for improving overall risk management and indeed what is now referred to as Organisational resilience.

Why build your own product from scratch? Why take the risk?

Richie: 18 years ago, I set up Continuity2 as a Business Continuity Management Consultancy. A significant number of my consultancy projects involved carrying out due diligence on software solutions for Business Continuity Management. Invariably, my findings were that the systems available were extremely expensive, did not offer what a management system requires and therefore I would have to recommend “the best of a bad lot” so to speak. So, with a flip chart and a marker, I started to design a system for the “Business Continuity Manager”. It was very difficult and expensive to develop but we grew and persevered against the large corporates and launched our own initial offering in 2005. Why take the risk? Well, I calculated the upside to be the creation of a company where ideas would flourish and allow Business Continuity Management to grow as a discipline. Today we have some 40+ staff altogether and I enjoy almost every minute of my work.


Are you looking forward to the next 18 years?

Richie: Well I am of an age that 18 years seems to be a stretch. However, the youth of our company (average age is mid to late twenties) enthuses me and the other ‘oldies’ to be progressive with the emerging technologies.

Is Brexit a business continuity concern?

Richie: Business Continuity Management is a worldwide industry, we already export more than we sell to the UK alone. Our HQ will always be in the UK, however we are an international organisation. Brexit has both a downside and an upside risk position. We practice what we preach and have contingency plans in place to mitigate the impacts and capitalize on the upside risk where the opportunity exists.

Will it be software or standards that steer the future of business continuity management?

Richie: I believe that standards have shaped some aspects of software and cannot be ignored. However, the direction of software is much more exciting. It's probably more about what Business Continuity Management pursuit can do for the evolution of software.

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