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Plans can be created and maintained via the system. The BCMS system can either utilise your existing organisational Business Continuity Plans (BC Plans) or create from new. Plans are automatically version controlled, reviewed and distributed according to your change control procedures. Contact details are held in a central database for use in plans and call list. Updates to contact details are applied and available immediately.

A Virtual Battle box facility is available to store vital documentation which may be used in the event of an incident. Changes to all plans across the enterprise can be performed simultaneously via the central administration.

Efficiencies / Benefits

Plans can be of any type (e.g. emergency procedures, business continuity plans, IT disaster recovery plans and crisis management plans). During implementation, we will train your administrator/s on the use of the proprietary Continuity2 Template Creator and assist them with the creation of the initial templates to suit your organization. Template changes are reflected across all documents associated to that template e.g. if a template has been used across 100s or 1000s of plans then any change to the template is reflected automatically across all the documents. Templates can be aligned to recognised BCM best practice e.g. Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines, Disaster Recovery Institute, ITIL and ISO 22301. Business Impact analysis data is automatically input into plans. Indeed in many cases the automated workflow can eliminate the need to develop BC plans in that the combination of the centrally driven template and integration to BIA information provides 100% of plan content. For BIA see below:

c2 plan management dashboard