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Plan Management

  • Build plans with C2 Template Creator.

    Build and maintain various types of plans with ease using the C2 Template Creator.

  • Real-time version control.

    Real-time version control and automatic updates ensure you access the most current plans.

  • Your Virtual Battle Box.

    Key documents stored in one accessible location, ready whenever an incident occurs.

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Plan Management Features

Develop and Utilise Comprehensive Continuity Plans

From business continuity plans and crisis management protocols to emergency procedures and IT disaster recovery plans, you can use your existing plans or develop new ones from scratch with the Continuity2 Template Creator. Choose from our pre-built templates aligned with the BCI Good Practice Guidelines, DRI International, ITIL, ISO 22301, and more.

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Automate Data Integration for Plan Consistency

Automate Data Integration for Plan Consistency

Create plans and templates that can automatically read and leverage data from various sources like Business Impact Analysis (BIA), contact lists, systems lists, and supplier lists. This automation reduces the need for manual plan development and ensures consistency across all plans.

Streamline Plan Review and Distribution

The system automatically tracks when plans are due for review and notifies the author, who then updates the plan as necessary. The revised plan undergoes internal review and signoff for thorough evaluation. Once approved, the plan is distributed to all relevant parties, maintaining a clear audit trail and version history.

Streamline Plan Review and Distribution

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  • A walkthrough of our intuitive dashboard and ISO 22301 template out of the box

  • Live demonstration of the automation of the review cycle

  • A chance to ask our experts any questions you have about integrating your existing plans and data into C2

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Key Features of C2’s Meridian BCMS

  • Management Information & Reporting

    A real-time overview of your entire BCMS.

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  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

    Conduct, analyse, and get your BIA reports.

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  • Risk

    Streamline your risk assessments with our fully integrated RMS.

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  • Operational Resilience

    Smart automation for Operational Resilience framework.

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  • Exercise & Testing

    Carry out drills and exercises from start to finish.

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  • Corrective

    Fully functioning corrective action tracking system.

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  • Audit & Compliance Management

    Conduct internal audits with minimal effort.

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  • Document

    Manage all documents with smart reminders and version control.

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  • Policy Management

    Manage your BC plans based on policy and KPIs.

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  • Incident Management

    Create and track incidents with real-time updates and native mobile app.

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  • IT Disaster recovery

    Automate your IT DR plans based on priority.

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