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Incident Management

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  • Never get lost in translation.

    Maintain uninterrupted and effective communication with your staff during critical times.

  • The only incident dashboard you need.

    Create incidents, track progress, provide real-time updates, and view all live and past incidents.

  • Ready, set, on the go.

    Handle critical communications and emergency notifications via our native mobile app.

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Incident Management Features

Web-Based Incident Pages and Real-Time Communication

Set up web-based incident pages and task lists. The system supports two-way SMS, voice messaging, email, and conference calls, ensuring all stakeholders are promptly informed and can respond in real time.

Web Based Incident Pages and Real Time Communication
Automated Notification Lists for Specific Scenarios

Automated Notification Lists for Specific Scenarios

The system can create notification lists for various scenarios, ensuring that the right people are contacted based on the incident's specifics. This includes the ability to automatically update contact details and maintain accurate call lists with minimal administrative effort.

Seamless Integration with BCMS Functions

Incident Management is fully integrated with other BCMS functions, such as Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and plan management, allowing for seamless data flow and automated updates across the system. This integration ensures that all incident responses are aligned with the latest business continuity plans and impact analyses.

Seamless Integration with BCMS Functions

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Key Features of C2’s Meridian BCMS

  • Management Information & Reporting

    A real-time overview of your entire BCMS.

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  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

    Conduct, analyse, and get your BIA reports.

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  • Plan

    Create any plans with ease with our Template Creator.

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  • Risk

    Streamline your risk assessments with our fully integrated RMS.

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  • Operational Resilience

    Smart automation for Operational Resilience framework.

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  • Exercise & Testing

    Carry out drills and exercises from start to finish.

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  • Corrective

    Fully functioning corrective action tracking system.

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  • Audit & Compliance Management

    Conduct internal audits with minimal effort.

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  • Document

    Manage all documents with smart reminders and version control.

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  • Policy Management

    Manage your BC plans based on policy and KPIs.

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  • IT Disaster recovery

    Automate your IT DR plans based on priority.

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