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Why Continuity2 and why our software delivers

The pressure within the business to ensure that continuity is guaranteed is so important. This coupled with the external pressures of compliance, standards, and other threats have made continuity a top priority for many organisations.

C2 provides business continuity software that delivers. We ensure that your experience matched with our BCM software positions you at the top when action is required to inform, increase awareness, and manage an incident with a business continuity management system that will lead to quick recovery.

Powering your resilience

BCMS2 is our world leading Business Continuity Management Software solution. Effective business continuity planning is essential in making sure your organisation continues to perform in the face of crisis. This web based tool is designed to manage all your business continuity requirements and assure business resilience across your enterprise.

This complete BCM solution is not only available through your browser but also on native iOS, Android, and Microsoft* mobile applications.

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Trusted worldwide

We work with some of the world's largest organisations across a variety of industry sectors.

As part of this relationship we are entrusted to protect their interests, and anonymity but we understand your requirement for references. Before you choose C2 as your BCM partner, we provide you with up to 5 current clients contacts who will share their experience of the solution and service offered.

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Resilient hosting & complete security

Our industry leading hosting and authentication solutions make our software the most secure on the market.

Our business continuity management systems reside in a highly resilient private cloud environment. The system has multiple connectivity to Tier-1 internet connections which affords high performance globally.

Multiple Firewalls protect the system. F5 and Cisco Intrusion Detection System is employed as a defence from unauthorised malicious network activity. The system can also be hosted within your organisations IT environment.

C2's state of the art authentication protocol offerings include Adaptive Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication, User Self-Service/Biometrics, as well as Single Sign-On, making our software the most secure on the market.

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