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Our Risk Management module combines cutting edge technology with an intuitive user experience to provide a complete solution to your risk needs. The risk framework is completely configurable to your organisations requirements. Through administration you can create custom risk types, risk categories, and risk treatments. When it comes to measuring/scoring your risk you can also set custom impact & probability levels (applying your own weighting), and your very own formula for scoring risks. Now only that but our system also allows you to build-in on-screen help to aid users with their assessments making the risk assessment process extremely simple.

The system allows you to attribute risks to any part of your organisation and view your risks at any level with all risks being aggregated into a company wide register. Risk registers can be created for any level of your organisation, locations, or by any risk attribute e.g. by risk category or score.

Our risk module integrates completely with the BCMS allowing you to raise risks from any other system module including directly from the business impact analysis. Smart automations are also available that can automatically raise risks when certain events breach your risk tolerance; saving you time and reducing human error. All of your risk data is available in our Dynamic Reporting tool meaning you can create custom risk reports to suit your needs as well as being able to easily export your risk registers at the click of a button.


Our Risk Management module is an exceptional stand alone RMS in its own right. However, when utilised as an integrated module to C2's BCMS you unlock the power of the intelligent data stored within it. Doing this system completely understands your organisational structure, exactly where everything is located, and knows the real time impact in the event any part of your business, locations, systems, suppliers and more were to be disrupted. This means that the system can automatically assess the impact of any risk, and ensure the correct people within your organisation are notified of them without any added manual effort.

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