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In Addition to Plan document control, the system provides a full document management system for all BCMS documentation under change control e.g. Policy, Methodologies, Reports, Minutes to meetings, Training Records etc. The Document control function allows users to set the parameters for reminder emails to be sent for the review and sign off of documents, as well as being able to monitor at what stage a document is in within the review / sign off process. Document control displays the review and sign off status of Plans, BIAs, Exercises and BCMS documents within the application and can be viewed by document type as well as document type within Business unit


The system provides an efficient workflow that traces all documentation and maintains the currency of documentation via the Web-service. Once documents are uploaded and assigned to the system there is no requirement for user intervention. Interventions are only required when the workflow for a document is interrupted e.g. an author leaves the organisation, a signoff date is missed. This is flagged to he administration who can reallocate the authorship to another contact with ease.

In that BIA data is collated and maintained efficiently it can be scrutinised to provide dynamic reports as detailed above. This eliminates the need to scrutinise documentation (e.g. reports and spreadsheets) manually and extrapolate information on a manual basis.