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Audit & Compliance Management

  • Audits and surveys; done and done.

    Set custom audit questions to ensure compliance with various standards.

  • Inclusive and effective.

    Intuitive online interface for non-registered participants.

  • Cut down the time, like A LOT.

    Complete the audit in 2-3 weeks with 3-4 days of effort, instead of 2-3 years with many meetings.

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Audit & Compliance Management Features

Efficient Internal Audits with Custom Templates

Conduct internal audits efficiently with predefined templates and customisable questions. Assess compliance with your internal standards and regulatory requirements. Maintain comprehensive audit trails for all changes and updates to business continuity plans.

Efficient Internal Audits with Custom Templates
Seamless Integration with Corrective Action Tracking

Seamless Integration with Corrective Action Tracking

The module seamlessly integrates with a fully functional corrective action tracking system, allowing the creation, assignment, and tracking of corrective actions stemming from audits, incidents, and exercises.

Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

Generate real-time reports and dashboards to monitor the health of the BCMS, including performance metrics, compliance status, and corrective action progress. The module aligns with ISO 22301 to ensure that all processes meet globally recognised best practices.

Real Time Reporting and Dashboards

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  • A personalised walkthrough of our intuitive dashboard

  • Live demonstration of workflow and reporting tools

  • Actionable insights into how to satisfy regulatory and international standards

  • A chance to ask our experts any questions you have about integrating your existing plans and data into C2

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Key Features of C2’s Meridian BCMS

  • Management Information & Reporting

    A real-time overview of your entire BCMS.

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  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

    Conduct, analyse, and get your BIA reports.

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  • Plan

    Create any plans with ease with our Template Creator.

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  • Risk

    Streamline your risk assessments with our fully integrated RMS.

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  • Operational Resilience

    Smart automation for Operational Resilience framework.

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  • Exercise & Testing

    Carry out drills and exercises from start to finish.

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  • Corrective

    Fully functioning corrective action tracking system.

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  • Document

    Manage all documents with smart reminders and version control.

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  • Policy Management

    Manage your BC plans based on policy and KPIs.

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  • Incident Management

    Create and track incidents with real-time updates and native mobile app.

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  • IT Disaster recovery

    Automate your IT DR plans based on priority.

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