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The Importance of Communication During a BC Incident

Published on January 04, 2019

Incident Notification

During a Business Continuity incident, the importance of being able to clearly communicate information with colleagues, external suppliers and third parties is vital to a business’s ability to recover and minimise disruption.

Incident notification alerts can be sent to all key personnel via BCM Software using:

  • two-way SMS,
  • mass email,
  • voice messaging,
  • a live bulletin board,
  • and call conferencing.

These communication tools can be used to transfer vital information such as confirming all employees are safe, provide clear instructions during a cyber-attack (Don’t open that email!), explain where employees can get more information and inform when the incident is over, and it is safe to return to work.

The importance of being able to communicate, becomes even more evident during a major incident, which could affect almost every business within range and have knock on effects to business around the world.

Major Business Continuity Scenarios

During such disruptive major events like the Volcanic Ash Cloud, the Japan Tsunami and the Bird Flu outbreak all manner of systems and process can be affected including people, transport, buildings, suppliers and even communication systems themselves.

During these incidents there is a greater need for accurate information to be dispersed quickly as soon as it becomes available, to aid the recovery process, minimise risk to life, reduce business interruption and minimise loss.

The number one concern should be to confirm all employees are safe and have them check in as safe. Information on the next steps can then be sent. These can include instructions to secure the incident, to travel to a recovery site, provide updates on the status of the situation and notification of further instructions over the course of the live event.

With incidents like cyber attacks on the rise, the importance of effective communication is being highlighted daily, with large organisations being subject to data breaches, which put information, revenue and reputation at risk.

The speed at which an organisation must act to secure systems and contain any breach is vital and can be aided by effective communication tools. Depending on the cyber incident an entire network may be down, the use of emails or even laptops altogether may be restricted until the incident is under control and other communication methods may be required.

A good resilience plan will not rely on a single method of communication.

Companies without a resilience plan in place will need to recognise that they cannot be passive about Business Continuity and the recovery should not wait to begin after the incident has happened.

The first time an employee receives an alert SMS should not be during a live incident, they should have been involved in multiple training exercises and be aware of the importance of an incident alert message and why following the instructions included is vital to minimise the disruption and aid recovery.

The structure of your communication with available resources should be designed, tested and redesigned. Frequent courses/workshops should be arranged for staff training, and regular mock exercises carried out to handle emergencies and improve performance of the staff in real situations.

Planning, testing and making use of tools such as an incident notification tool can empower an organisations resilience against major disruptive incidents.

BCMS Incident Notification Tool

C2's BCM system has a fully functional Notification / Incident Management capability including:

  • Two-way SMS,
  • Mass Email,
  • Voice Messaging,
  • Bulletin Board,
  • and Call Conferencing.

The Incident Management system enables the team controlling the incident to call out and stay in touch during live incidents with just a few clicks.

The system allows communication with individuals, recovery teams and others in the enterprise as needed.

A live bulletin board can be used after initial alerts to provide live updates over the course of a major incident which may last hours or even days. This prevents a single source of information being bogged down with call and emails requesting updates.

An Incident Checklist can be set up prior to an incident within the system, and checklist items can be assigned as actions, emailed to key personnel and overall progress of the recovery managed through to completion.

Our team of business analysts recently put together a handy check list for you to make sure you are prepared for an incident during the winter weather.
You can read it here: Are you winter ready?

Our software was designed by BC professionals as a solution to the problems and gaps they had identified in the traditional methods of planning and managing business continuity.

Our web-based solution allows the automation of business continuity functions, providing cost and time savings to any business. We are a voice for our customers and work daily to make their jobs easier and their businesses more resilient.

To find out more about our Business Continuity Management Software and our notifications tool please book a demo today.