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Are you winter ready?

Published on November 22, 2018

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Winter is fast approaching and here at C2 we want to help you prepare in the best way possible.

Snow storms can lead to power and communication outages, accidents and travel disruptions. Not only can the freezing weather effect your business and its staff with burst pipes, broken heating and reduced transportation, these can also affect your supply chain of goods and service providers.

If your business and its staff rely on key electrical equipment and travel, we believe you should take the time for some pre-winter maintenance.

Here are a few tips to from our Business Continuity analysts to help make best use of your BCMS tools throughout the winter months:

  • Ensure call trees are up to date.
  • Conduct a call tree exercise to validate contact details and test SMS response rate.
  • Familiarise yourself with features of invocation such as bulletin board, voice conference, SMS and email. We have created an Invocation Manual for our customers.
  • Get to know your mobile app.
  • Set up location call lists through additional call lists.

If any of our existing customers require assistance with any of the above or any other matters, please contact C2 through the customer enquiry/issue button on your BCM Software. Here at C2 our mission is to provide intuitive and innovative solutions for the global business resilience market and reshape the industry as we know it today. We are a voice for our customers and work daily to make their jobs easier and their businesses more resilient.

To find out more about how our Business Continuity Management Software could help make your business winter ready, please book a demo with us today.

Most importantly wrap up and stay safe 😊