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Making Business Continuity Easier - Leading with a UX Approach

Published on February 27, 2018

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Need BCM Software that looks great? Easy to use? Simple? Effective? Our Head of Digital talks us through why C2's BCMS is head and shoulders above our competitors on all these factors.


Hi, my name is Marc and I'm the Head of Digital here at C2. In this blog post, I'm going to talk a bit about the UX/User Experience of our Software and why we invest an incredible amount of time in the design process to make sure we get it right for you, the end user.

What Our Competitors Are Doing

At this stage, you may well be aware that the Business Continuity Software market is flooded with a variety of different (yet very similar) solutions which can make picking the right choice for your organisation extremely confusing. Unfortunately, most businesses soon find out that the vast majority of them have been built with little consideration of the unique tasks and processes conducted by working Business Continuity professionals.

Even some of the most widely-used solutions are using 'out-of-the-box' templates which require a bewildering level of customisation. This more often than not will leave you tinkering and tampering for years until you find the most efficient configuration for your own BC process.

At C2, we pride ourselves on designing and developing every part of the User Experience from scratch, from each button you press, to the form you fill out, all to make your experience when using our software more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. In other words, we want to make things simple for you.

Perfecting Usability

At the beginning of our design process, we work side by side with our in-house Business Continuity experts and clients who have decades of experience in both paper-based and software BC processes.

In doing this, our design team is able to understand all of the challenges involved, as well as an insight into how they have been solved previously, and how we can make those solutions even more effective.

In the very first week of establishing the requirements of the user, we begin prototyping ideas, watching how our users interact with them, and improving the experience.

After all, you're never going to know how something fits until you try it on. This iterative process is continued until we have an intuitive, simple, perfectly-fitting, and effective solution that any first-time user can pick up and use instinctively.

The Wow Factor

Usability is no doubt a key component of the User's Experience - having an intuitive system is fantastic, but it's not all that counts.

We want our users to have an interaction-rich experience and provide software that not only completes tasks and provides the information you need but also delivers it in an innovative fashion that will keep you engaged throughout.

Our R&D processes ensure we are always on the cutting edge of web technologies, allowing us to freely design ambitious interactions for our development team. From complex animating data visualisations to the delivery of error handling and loading states.

We look at every single detail and ask ourselves... how can we give this more WOW? shazam? pazazz?

Whatever the word for it is... basically the thing that makes you go to your colleague and say, "Hey...look at this!"

Never Stop Improving

Unlike our competitors, C2 is a fully-fledged software house, with a dedicated design team, and an ever-growing development team of over 30-strong code whizzes.

This means that our software never stops evolving and improving. If you invest in C2 you invest in the fact you will always have the latest and best design and development technologies available to make your business continuity processes easier.

Not only that but it means our customer support team can respond quicker than anyone else in identifying and solving any problems you may have.

The End Result

The end result is simple. A Business Continuity Software application that is easy to use, more effective at completing BC tasks than any of our competitors, and looks as powerful as the logic that fuels it.