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Risk, Emergency and Business Continuity Management (REBCM) Conference 2023

Published on December 05, 2023

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From Disaster Management to Risk Management

We will be attending the highly anticipated Risk, Emergency, and Business Continuity Management Conference 2023 in Riyadh on the 11-12th of December.

With the themes of the event aligning perfectly with our mission to transform operational resilience, we're delighted to join business continuity community leaders and lend our voice to industry conversations.

Interested? Learn more about the event and why we're attending!

About the REBCM Conference

The Risk, Emergency, and Business Continuity Management Conference is an annual event designed to improve how businesses handle risks. It aims to highlight the importance of proactive emergency preparedness, fixing monitoring system issues, and following regulations to avoid disruptions.

The goal is to help organisations switch from waiting for disasters to force continuity planning and being proactive in managing risks, making them stronger against unexpected problems.

At the event, we hope to shed light on how organisations can ease the fear of disruption and disaster recovery by taking a motivated approach to continuity planning. This event offers an invaluable opportunity for us to engage with real industry leaders and business continuity innovators who share our commitment to proactive risk management.

Showcasing Continuity2 at The REBCM Conference 2023

REBCM conference

We will highlight the capabilities of our platform - from mobile-enabled applications to intelligent plan management, auditing, incident management, and more.

Engaging with the wider community provides us with a chance to demonstrate how our solution empowers companies to automate and streamline their business continuity and operational resilience processes efficiently.

This is a unique opportunity to not just showcase our software but to contribute expertise and insights. We're excited to collaborate, learn from actual experiences, and collectively drive the industry towards embracing proactive risk management strategies.

From Reactivity to Proactivity

We couldn't agree more that the future of continuity hinges on proactivity, we're pretty passionate about the theme of the day.

The idea of proactive risk management (rather than reactive disaster response) has been ingrained in our BCM software since the day we started C2. Join us at the event as we explore the transition from reactive disaster management to proactive risk handling, fostering discussions on strategic risk assessment, mitigation, and preparedness.

We are delighted to contribute expertise, gain fresh perspectives, and highlight the importance of proactive approaches in building resilient businesses. The C2 team can't wait to connect with the community through pivotal discussions, workshops, and an immersive exhibition aimed at enhancing our collective understanding of proactive risk management and business continuity strategies.

What Are The Themes of The REBCM Conference 2023?

REBCM conference c2

While the main theme of the conference addresses the key to business continuity success of adopting a proactive approach, leading experts in the community will also cover the following themes in depth:

1. Risk Management Governance and Its Role in Driving a Proactive Approach

    Understanding governance's role in risk management is crucial. It ensures alignment and integration within an organisation, a vital aspect industry-wide.

    2. Monitoring, Detection, Early Warning, and Control Systems as Enablers of Proactive Risk Management

    Continuous monitoring and early warning systems are industry essentials. They empower proactive decision-making and response strategies.

    3. The Role of Proactive Risk Management in Building the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chains

    Proactive measures for critical infrastructure and supply chain resilience are paramount. They ensure uninterrupted services, a critical need across industries.

    Our platform is designed for this, enabling organisations to implement preventive measures, identify disruptive factors, and fortify vital services against disruptions.

    4. Shifting from a Reactive to a Proactive Approach in Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management

    Transitioning to a proactive approach in emergency and disaster management is industry-leading. It ensures effective responses and sustainable recovery, aligning with industry demands for resilience.

    5. Best Practice and Experience in Shifting from Disaster Management to Risk Management

    Learning from successful transitions is invaluable. It drives industry progress toward proactive risk management. We're excited to share real-world examples, insights, and models adopted at different levels, contributing to the industry's shift towards proactive risk approaches.

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