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People Profile: Callum Brown

Published on December 06, 2018

My background

I was born and raised in the same hometown that I live to in this day, with my wee Mammy Broon.

I grew up surrounded by technology - if I was not to be found playing outside, I would most definitely have been behind a computer screen, playing the latest video game I was able to get my hands on.

During my time at school I took a keen interest in the computing-based subjects, and always enjoyed practical learning rather than theory based written work. From this, I knew that I had to find something to move into when leaving education that would suit my practical approach.

Previous job experience

When I left school, my biggest ambition was to join the military as an RAF pilot or part of the air crew.

Unfortunately, I narrowly missed passing the induction test on my first attempt and after failing to pass on a second occasion, I became disheartened and settled with working in a dark and depressing supermarket warehouse on a night shift basis.

That was until the light at the end of the tunnel came along.

C2 process

I was offered a position at C2 to work as an apprentice to the Service Delivery team and after a year of working under the guidance of our experienced staff I was given the opportunity to take up additional duties and responsibilities as a fully qualified Service Delivery Technician.

Roles and relationships

My career progression with C2 has been rapid.

The company has thrown challenges at me and supported me in tackling these with my technical knowledge and hands on approach.

I am now working daily alongside clients and our providers, building up many key relationships which I hope to not only improve on moving forward with the company, but also grow as we continue to expand our network.

Industry experience

Working in business continuity has opened my eyes up to the world of business disruption and just how severe the impact of an incident can be.

On multiple occasions I have been directly involved in supporting clients who are dealing with live incidents, and as we have worked with them in the creation of their BCMS plans right from initial deployment, we have been able to resolve the situations far quicker and easier than if they had not been prepared for such an event to occur.

Hopes and plans

As C2 continues to grow and expand, I hope that we continue to take risks on young talented people that may have not yet found their way, and that if this time comes, I will be able to help them in the same way that C2 has helped me and provided me with an exciting and opportunistic future.

If you are young and ambitious and looking for someone to take a chance on you then please get in touch.