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The system has a fully functional Notification / Incident Management capability including: two way SMS, Voice Messaging, Action Creation / Tracking, and Call Conferencing. The Incident Management system enables the team controlling the incident to call out and stay in touch with people during incidents. The system allows the communication with individuals, recovery teams and others in the enterprise as needed.

Incident Management

The technology built into the system allows for the setting up of web based incident pages and task lists where stakeholders can be kept up to date on incident status via push or pull messages through email including mobile devices. The system also has a mobile interface that works on any browser compatible smart phone e.g. Android, IPhone, and Blackberry. The mobile interface allows users to view plans, view associated documents, view check lists, communicate with team members, conduct conference calls, send SMS and send Text to Voice messages.

  • Customise predetermine Check /To Do list ready for consideration during incidents
  • Create and track in real-time the tasks and actions to manage incidents
  • Incident Centre dashboard of all actions and task status
  • Customised task lists depending on role and type of incident
  • Communicate with plan stakeholders Conference Calls+ Use SMS, Text to Voice,E-mail, VoIP, bulletin boards,


The integral communication capabilities and data interfaces within the system allow for efficient collation of contact data and execution of communications during incidents. The updating of contact details and keeping call lists up to date can be time consuming; the system provides the ability for call lists to be maintained with a minimum level of effort to the extent that the system will build and maintain call lists automatically as a result of data import or SFTP automation. Whatever method is chosen by an organisation; the system negates the need for administrators to build and maintain call lists.