Business Continuity Software - - Dynamic Reporting

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The application comes with the ability to run dynamic reports than can be used to inform management either in the daily management of business continuity or incidents e.g.:

  • Tell me what processes are affected by the loss of this system
  • Tell me what services / process are affected by the loss of this site
  • Tell me what resources are required to recover this process
  • Tell me the number of staff that can work from home in this location
  • Tell me the number of staff that require alternative working arrangements
  • Tell me the number of phones, PCs, Desks, Laptop required
  • Tell me the application required over time required to support this specific incident

Reports are in PDF and or Excel formats.


Unlike other systems where your reporting is strictly limited to whatever fixed reports are available MeridianBCMS allows you to build custom reports to suit your organisational requirements.