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Our Business Continuity Management Software 'BCMS2' is a web based tool designed to alleviate and assist with the day to day management of an organisation’s Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

BCMS2 allows you to create, store, manage and distribute business continuity plans. The scheduling and carrying out of exercises is simple with results reported via the system.

Get a walkthrough of the key system features by clicking on the link to the right or scroll down to find out more about the BCMS2's organisational benefits.

Get a walkthrough of the key system features by clicking on the arrow below.

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business impact analysis

The BIA identifies Key Products and Services and their supporting activities. The activities are analysed under the organization’s criteria for impact analysis i.e. the system is fully configurable to the organisations approach to BIA.

Plan Management

Plans can be created and maintained via the system. The BCMS2 system can either utilise your existing organisational Business Continuity Plans (BC Plans) or create from new. Plans are automatically version controlled, reviewed and distributed according to your change control procedures.

Exercise & Testing

The Exercising module creates the exercise types according to the organisation’s preference, schedules the exercise, invites the participants, defines the exercise objectives and email the details to the participants. On completion of the exercise the system reports on the observations of the exercise and tracks recommendations and actions raised as a result of the exercise.

Auditing & Compliance

The BCMS2 system provides an effective method of conducting audits of the BCSMS, supply chain assessments, and surveys with minimal effort and is compliant to quality management systems requirements e.g. ISO 22301, ISO 27001.

Incident Management

The BCMS2 system has a fully functional Incident Management capability including: two way SMS, voice messaging, action creation/tracking, email and call conferencing. The Incident Management system enables the team controlling the incident to call out and stay in touch with people during incidents. The system allows the communication with individuals, recovery teams and others in the enterprise.

Management Information & Reporting

The BCMS2 system includes a fully functional Management Information and dynamic reporting module that reports on e.g. the currency of BIAs, Plans, Exercises and Communication tests. The system produces graphical views of performance and downloadable management reports. This function allows organizations to set metrics for performance of their BCMS and measure progress against BCMS objectives.

Mobile & Tablet Enabled

Our BCMS2 system puts cutting edge technology at your fingertips. Our fully functional webapp allows you to manage your plans on the move from any device. Every page has been bespokely designed to make your experience as efficient as possible.

We even offer a seperate mobile app for our iOS and android users allowing you to react even quicker with our streamlined user experience. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, you are always in touch with the tools you need.

Key Benefits of Our BCM Software

Why is C2's BCMS the best business continuity management software on the market? What are the key benefits to my Organisation? Can your software help release the burden on my BC staff? Can your software streamline and automate our BC processes?

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