BCM Software Key Benefits

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Key Benefits of our BCM Software

Why is BCMS2 the best business continuity management software on the market? What are the key benefits to my Organisation? Can your software help release the burden on my BC staff? Can your software streamline and automate our BC processes?

Automation of Business Continuity Functions

Automation of business continuity functions will enable the Business Continuity team to spend more time working directly with staff to embed the BCMS across the organisation.

There are significant time savings associated with not having to create, format, version control and manage key documents such as Business Impact Analysis reports which BCMS2 will do for you

Providing Confidence In Response

BCMS2 will help to provide confidence that the organisation can respond quickly and effectively to significant disruptions and incidents and effectively manage the recovery and return to normality.

Meeting Obligations

The application will enable the organisation to measure compliance against regulations, statutory requirements and governance obligations through an integrated and comprehensive compliance monitoring tool and report generation functionality.


BCMS2 is the most secure business continuity management software available. The software makes use of state of the art data security, system access and authentification technology to ensure that that business continuity management documentation remains secure at all times. Our industry leading user authentification allows us to provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to suit your organisational requirements.

Aligned to ISO 22301 and Other Key Standards

BCMS2 is aligned to ISO 22301:2012 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems which is global best practice.

The BIA tool aligns to the new ISO 22317: 2015 – Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems – Guidelines for Business Impact Analysis (BIA) which will help to give the organisation further confidence that it is implementing BIA in accordance with the best possible practice.

Continuity2 offers a service where they will assist the organisation to the BCMS for accreditation to the International Standard for business continuity and help us to meet the organisations aspirations for the management system.

Business Continuity Plan Templates

Business Continuity Plans can be effectively managed through an integrated plan template system which will give the organisation a consistent method for creating and updating plans across the organisation.

Multiple templates can be configured on the application for locality-based Business Continuity Plans, business unit Business Continuity Plans, work instructions, incident management plans and crisis management plans. The tool comes pre-configured with a number of plan templates which can be modified to meet the needs of the organisation. All of these templates will extract live data from across the system whenever you access a plan which means that they will always be as up to date as the last key stroke.

Contact lists in one or many plans will be automatically updated whenever contact details are updated on BCMS2 which will reduce the administrative burden associated with minor, incremental reviews and ensures that the plans have the right people listed with the right contact details – which will be essential during incident response. Plan owners can trigger incremental or major reviews of plans when a new template is issued, when the business data changes (BIA) or as part of a cycle of review depending on the organisations requirements.

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